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Gal Gadot"s Wonder Woman was such a highlight of the DCEU"s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana often just stole the show.

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Wonder Woman absolutely stole the show in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Her brief but impressive debut promised big things ahead for the iconic character. Gal Gadot was the bright spot in the relatively turbulent early offerings of the DCEU và has remained one of its few constants.

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Much of Wonder Woman"s success in later films stems from that legendary introduction in her first-ever big-screen appearance. With Wonder Woman 1984 delayed – again – it"s a good time to lớn go back & enjoy the great moments from her first movie.


Movie audiences got an electric introduction to Wonder Woman in her live-action movie debut. Her first scene leaves an indelible impression. She appears in a stunning red dress which foreshadows the màu sắc of her Amazonian costume.

Diana Prince attends a buổi tiệc ngọt at the Metropolis Library to try & get back a photo of her from World War I that is in Lex Luthor"s possession. This photo would spoil the secret of her true identity và long life. It puts Diana on a collision course with another major player, Bruce Wayne.


Diana has her first brief encounter with Bruce Wayne at the party, but more importantly, she observes him planting a high-tech tracking device into Luthor"s computer system. She definitely sends a message that this is a different kind of Wonder Woman when she steals the device, & then later tries to lớn steal back the old photo of her.

In most of her comic book appearances & in the amazing "70s television show starring Linda Carter, Diana Prince tends to be pretty squeaky clean.


Wonder Woman fails to get the black and white photo of her back. It turns out one of her many talents isn"t defeating military-grade encryption. She also continues to lớn get the attention of Bruce Wayne, which gives her another standout moment in the movie.

Batman calls out Diana on her theft of his tracking device, but she throws it back in his face. She merely borrowed the device, và besides, she had already returned it to lớn him by leaving it in his luxury car. This Wonder Woman is sly & crafty.


One of Wonder Woman"s best moments in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is something fans may not have noticed on an initial viewing. When her secret identity seems lớn be exposed, she prepares lớn flee, boarding a passenger plane out of Gotham back to Europe. Diana evidently carries her sword and shield in her carry on bag because she absolutely did not check them.

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It"s one of those things movie fans ponder endlessly. While not necessarily a plot hole, it is a testament to how awesome she is (and impervious to lớn airport security).

One of the moments Wonder Woman stole the show – maybe the moment – was her proper introduction as Wonder Woman. With Batman & Superman duking it out in Gotham until they bond over their moms, Diana gets back from the airport just in time khổng lồ face off against Doomsday.

This leads to one of their funnier bits in the movie when Batman mistakes Wonder Woman for being with Superman. The three pillars of the DC Trinity get on the same page and start handing out some of that justice they are known for.

One of the best aspects of the DCEU Wonder Woman is her costume. It"s one of the most successful comics to lớn screen adaptations ever, & arguably the best costume in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

The movie costume takes the original comic book design và brings it into the real world by making it a practical outfit that recalls the Greek armor of antiquity. Gal Gadot absolutely steals the show with her standout performance và her iconic look.

Wonder Woman fans got their just desserts for the long, long wait for her movie debut. In the final battle, Wonder Woman displays again & again how strong, tough, and awesome she is.

A great moment that stands out is when Diana crashes her bracelets together & creates a boom that flattens pretty much everything that isn"t already flattened in the battle zone. Doomsday might be able to take the hit, but it"s pretty clear that he doesn"t appreciate the gesture.

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A great moment that many fans noted occurs during the battle of Metropolis. Doomsday knocks Wonder Woman back, và as she recovers, she smiles. This unexpected smile was a little enigmatic; was she mad? Was she excited khổng lồ fight? It definitely stole the spotlight away from the other heroes in the fight.

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Wonder Woman definitely doesn"t enjoy fighting for fighting"s sake – she proved that in her first solo movie – but she also appreciates a good challenge.

One of the coolest standout visuals of the final battle belongs lớn Wonder Woman. Fans had been waiting a long time lớn see the Lasso of Truth in action, và she uses it khổng lồ dramatic effect. Diana lassoes Doomsday with it, setting off a highly charged electrical burst.

Wonder Woman holds onto him with all of her nguồn – clearly, the equal of his – as Superman and Batman take the fight directly lớn the monster. Unfortunately, dũng sĩ dies in the process, leaving their victory in many ways hollow.

Wonder Woman"s participation in the then embryonic DCEU was guaranteed, but she cemented her place in the pantheon of comic book movies with her standout debut. Wonder Woman stands out again by sticking around at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Diana stays khổng lồ continue the effort to lớn identify other meta-humans, & also help defend against threats in a world without Superman. It"s a great testament lớn Diana"s character and that the filmmakers had a good handle on her when making the movie.

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Wonder Woman 1984 stays in line with what"s previously established in the DCEU, explaining Diana"s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice confusing line.


Wonder Woman 1984 properly explains Diana"s controversial dialogue in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Debuting in the năm nhâm thìn Zack Snyder film, the Themysciran princess has been in four DCEU movies thus far, including her second solo installment, which sees her in the "80s. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the sequel reveals more of Diana"s life throughout the decades before she joined Batman & Superman"s fight against Doomsday in the modern era.

The Amazon"s arc in the DCEU already spans several decades, which is quality to the character. After her introduction in Batman v Superman, her 2017 origins film, Wonder Woman, traced her first foray to lớn the human world during World War I following her chance encounter with Steve Trevor after he washed up on the shores of Diana"s native Themyscira. In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana is in the "80s, living a lonely life as a social recluse since all her trusted allies và friends from the early 20th century are gone, along with her love, Steve. This makes fighting two new dangerous foes in Maxwell Lord và Babara Ann Minerva/Cheetah so much more difficult

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Because Wonder Woman has had the longest stint as a superhero in the DCEU"s current roster of heroes, filmmakers have lớn be more careful in crafting her narrative as details can easily be mixed up, causing plot issues. One of the more vexing ones is from Batman v Superman, where a particular piece of dialogue insinuates she turned her back on mankind, which is inconsistent with what has been seen from her arc thus far. Fortunately, Wonder Woman 1984 shines a light on this issue, clarifying that it"s not an inconsistency.

Wonder Woman Says She Walked Away From Mankind


Following their initial encounter at Lex Luthor"s party, Bruce Wayne learned about Diana"s superhero persona as Wonder Woman after finding Luther"s files, which included information for each future member of the Justice League. Her first instinct was to get as far away from Bruce as possible, wanting to maintain her anonymity, but her commitment to the greater good motivated Diana to lớn eventually join Batman & Superman"s fight against Doomsday in Metropolis, which resulted in Superman"s death following a sacrificial play. At the kết thúc of the movie, realizing that her secret was safe with Bruce since he, too, had an alter-ego, she opened up a bit about her life in the past, why she hadn"t come out and openly fought bad guys to lớn protect people. “A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind; from a century of horrors… Men made a world where standing together is impossible,” she explained. This line caused some confusion after the first Wonder Woman film came out as Diana didn"t seem the type to lớn turn her back on humankind; if anything, she exhibited unwavering faith that there"s good in people.

That said, Wonder Woman 1984 makes it clear that this particular dialog has been misinterpreted. Diana said that she walked away "from a century of horrors" & not "for a century," which may mean that she simply shut herself down from mankind, not necessarily for how long. After her first real friends slowly died of old age as she remained the same, she likely opted to keep to lớn herself rather than go through the pain of losing another person she cared about in the future. The sequel highlights this by showing black and white photos of her old allies in her apartment, a few of Steve, và one of an older Etta Candy. So, her Batman v Superman line doesn"t necessarily mean the DCEU"s Wonder Woman abandoned her responsibility as a superhero — staying true to the morals that motivated her in the first place to lớn leave Themyscira.


The idea that Diana only walked away from mankind and not her role as Wonder Woman checks out in Wonder Woman 1984. In the sequel, she"s very much still active as a superhero, leading a double life as a Smithsonian employee by day. While she remains committed lớn her cause, the film also makes it clear that Diana operates anonymously. In the opening sequence, she saves a woman out on a jog by quickly pushing a charging oto away from the unaware woman. Diana opted to vày this instead of getting the woman out of the way which is arguably much easier to vị but would draw more attention lớn her, effectively blowing up her cover.

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Later, during a mall heist, she made sure to lớn disable the CCTV cameras around the area first before going after the perpetrators. While there were a number of onlookers who saw her in action, there was no photographic proof of her operation or evidence it happened. This makes it difficult to lớn confirm her identity as proven by the subsequent news broadcast that only called her "a mysterious female savior." After she heartbreakingly said goodbye lớn Steve in Washington, she reveals herself khổng lồ the crowd as Wonder Woman flies for the first time, but people were too busy running around & panicking about the impending doom of potential nuclear war lớn pay attention to lớn her.


In the contemporary DCEU, Diana has continued to operate stealthily as Wonder Woman as seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and also Justice League. This means that even after Wonder Woman 1984, she refused to make any personal attachments with other people. In fact, she was reluctant to vị so even with Bruce, but she had no choice in the matter after she realized that a potentially bigger threat than Steppenwolf and Lex Luthor was coming in Darkseid.

In hindsight, it makes so much more sense that she wanted khổng lồ live in isolation after Wonder Woman 1984; losing Steve again was a stark reminder of how painful it is to say goodbye to people she truly cares about. So, instead of subjecting herself to that vulnerability, this experience only reinforced the idea that it"s best to lớn be alone. This could potentially change moving forward, however. Between Diana willingly associating herself with other heroes through the Justice League and Wonder Woman 3 potentially set in the modern DCEU, there"s a good chance that she could finally reveal herself to the world.