For field vegetable growers looking to lớn achieve excellent crop uniformity with large & varied spacing above 10x10 meters, D-Net™ 3D-arm impact sprinklers offer maximum water-use efficiency.

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Why D-Net™?

OUTSTANDING UNIFORMITY: Innovative 3d diffusion arm, ensures no under-watered spots and excellent water distribution – resulting inuniform crop yields.SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: Robust design & high-grade materials ensure high performance in the toughest field conditions, and in any climate.EASY MAINTENANCE: Special nozzle key enables simple cleaning of debris from the nozzle even under pressure.

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FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: Can be installed on solid sets or on portable field stands.


Designed for under canopy irrigation with a low water trajectory angle, this sprinklerensures a very high màn chơi of distribution uniformity thanks khổng lồ its innovative 3 chiều arm.


Thanks lớn its innovative 3 chiều arm, this 1/2" impact sprinkler offers maximum water-distribution uniformity.


D-Net™ 8550 F.R. 1/2" impact sprinklers, with 3 chiều diffusion arm và unique flow regulated nozzles guarantee excellent crop uniformity và consistency for field crops & vegetables irrigation throughout the field, with sprinkler spacing up to 12x14 meters.


D-Net™ 9575 impact sprinklers deliver industry-leading water distribution uniformity và suit field crops with spacing up to 15 x 18 meters.


3/4" impact sprinkler with unique 3d arm và Adjustable Arc for part circle irrigation. "Ideal sprinkler for edge irrigation"

1/2" impact sprinkler with unique 3d arm và Adjustable Arc for part circle irrigation. "Ideal sprinkler for edge irrigation"

With its low water trajectory angle, D-Net™ 0950 is ideally suited for precise under canopy irrigation of banana or oil palm plantations up khổng lồ 10 x 10 meters or field crops with windy conditions."

Vitamin D is one of the extremely important vitamins for the body, but it is often very rare in foods and difficult to absorb if only through the daily diet. Currently, a large percentage of the world"s population is facing the risk of vi-ta-min D deficiency, so taking vitamin D daily is an absolute necessity. However, to lớn get the maximum effect, you need to take it at the right time and in the right dose.
Compared with other vitamins, vi-ta-min D is really different because it is considered a hormone, produced by the body"s own skin when exposed to lớn sunlight. Adequate intake of vi-ta-min D is extremely important for overall health. Studies have shown that this vitamin has an irreplaceable place in protecting bone health, preventing cancer and strengthening the body"s immune system. However, vitamin D is very scarce in food sources, on the other hand if you are not regularly exposed lớn the sun it will make it difficult lớn meet your daily vi-ta-min D needs. The risk of vitamin D deficiency is even higher for people who are older, are overweight, have dark skin, or live in areas with limited sunlight. According lớn statistics, about 42% of adults in the US fall into a deficiency of this essential vitamin. If you are in a group at high risk of vitamin D deficiency, you can choose to lớn supplement vitamin D to lớn meet the vi-ta-min D needs of the body.
Thiếu vitamin D gây dịch gì
Vitamin D is generally fat soluble and insoluble in water, and is best absorbed in the bloodstream when combined with foods with a high fat content. Therefore, you should add vitamin D khổng lồ your daily meals to lớn enhance absorption. Some studies have shown that taking vitamin D in combination with the largest meal of the day increases blood levels of vitamin D by about 50% after only 2-3 months of application. For older adults, consuming vi-ta-min D with a high-fat meal resulted in a 32% increase in vi-ta-min D blood levels after just 12 hours compared with a fat-free meal. to increase the absorption of vitamin D, you should choose foods such as nuts, avocados, dairy products, or eggs - these are all good sources of healthy fats. .
Some people find taking vi-ta-min D in the morning is more convenient & easier to remember than taking it later in the day.
Vitamin D
This is especially helpful for people who are taking a variety of supplements, as it can help keep them from getting mixed up và inhibiting each other"s effectiveness throughout the day. Therefore, you should get into the habit of supplementing vitamin D with a healthy breakfast. Also, you should store your supplements near the dining table or mix an alarm to remind you so you don"t forget your vitamin D schedule.
Some studies have shown that low blood levels of vi-ta-min D are associated with problems with sleep disturbances, poorer sleep quality, and insomnia. Conversely, higher-than-normal blood levels of vitamin D have been linked lớn low levels of melatonin in the body toàn thân - a hooc môn that is important in regulating sleep cycles, especially in people with multiple sclerosis. Hard .
Mất ngủ
In addition, some scientists have also revealed that taking vi-ta-min D late at night has a high probability of causing some negative effects on sleep quality, because it can interfere with the production of vitamin D. Body"s melatonin.
Taking vitamin D in combination with a healthy meal will enhance absorption & significantly improve your blood levels of vi-ta-min D. The most important step is to adjust your vi-ta-min D intake routine và do it consistently for maximum effectiveness. You can take them with breakfast, or a bedtime snack if it doesn"t affect the unique of your sleep. For best results, experiment with different intake schedules khổng lồ find the ideal time for you to lớn take a vi-ta-min D supplement.

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